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Project Description

The Battle of Jarama Museum

In the town of Morata de Tajuña is located one of the few museums in Spain dedicated to the Spanish Civil War, the Museum of the Battle of Jarama. A time capsule in which you can see hundreds of personal objects, laissez-passer, ration cards, maps, photographs, flyers, helmets crossed by bullets, mortars, leftovers from food cans, lighters, guns, cannons, bottles, periodicals, coins or bills that Gregorio Salcedo rescued from the oblivion of the fields of farmland and olive groves near Mor Morata, in a tribute to those families that, like his own, subsisted in the post-war period thanks to the scrap metal that generated the first modern battle in history.

For two decades, these objects, some donated by relatives emotionally linked to the battle and others acquired by Salcedo himself, review the conflict, but not only from a military or ideological point of view, but, more importantly, the life of the thousands of soldiers on both sides who fought from that month of February 1937 until the end of the war.

A museum that, as its creator acknowledges,”makes us cry”, but also instructs the new generations about an episode erased from the History of Spain. There are eight exhibition halls presided over by the sculpture ‘Tributo desgarrado en metralla del Jarama’ in which the historical value of objects, characters and facts is shown without any ideological pretension.