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Project Description

Chapel of Santo Cristo de la Sala

Located in the street to which it gives its name, very close to the Church, the temple is of a single nave finished in a simple altarpiece with the image of Christ and a small sacristy in the background.

It is a chapel bedecked as another building in the middle of the street, and whose only visual reference to recognize it is a window in the shape of a cross on its front, due to the fact that in a remodeling the brick front was covered, which can camouflage it as another house, although, despite its modern appearance, it dates from the second half of the seventeenth century.

According to the legend, a vagabond who stopped to sleep in the plasterwork that was where what is now the oratory, before sleeping, painted on a wall Jesus Christ to pray to him. When the workers arrived the next day, they erased the image, but the image reappeared. They repeated the action, but the image did not disappear, so the locals decided to build in the place the hermitage that we know today.