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Chapel of San Isidro

The saint of Morata is San Isidro Labrador since the middle of the twentieth century, to whom people were very dvoted to since he was thought to be the protector of farmers and their crops.

The image of the Saint is in one of the side chapels of the church. This carving comes out in pilgrimage every 15th of May to El Bosque, north of the village, where its hermitage is located and where the Holy Mass is celebrated.

On that day a good number of activities take place organized by the Brotherhood of San Isidro and San Antón and by the City Council of Morata, highlighting the competition of tractors, sporting events, or the auction of agricultural products for the benefit of the Brotherhood.

It is a very participative day, because a large number of groups and clubs come together with the Saint preparing their stews and accompanying him throughout the festive day.