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Project Description

Cave Houses

Today, expanded outwards because of the new and increasin needs of today’s society, they can still be seen in the higher parts of the village. Despite the fact that for decades they have been disappearing, being replaced by dwellings or other buildings, and the rehousing of their inhabitants and tenants, many of them have preferred to keep their cave dwelling.

With small entrances and fronts, they often hide large rooms or spaces in their interior, because as needed, its inhabitant continued “chiselling” and opening new spaces to the interior.

Because of their characteristics, although it is true that they are dwellings that lack good natural lighting and ventilation, it is no less true that, in general, its inhabitants have equipped and equipped their interior in such a way and manner that the difference in terms of quality of life is no longer as abysmal as it was in the origin of these curious houses.